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Projects of the Chairs

Chair of philosophy

The Chair’s staff and lecturers participate in various local and international conferences, seminars and research projects in the field of philosophy, theology and the philosophy of science, involving in this work the Ss Cyril and Methodius School’s doctoral seekers and post-graduate students. It publishes theological articles in Russian and foreign magazines on a regular basis and participates in the preparation of materials for the Inter-Council Presence. The Chair ensures appropriate academic advice for students’ writing Candidate’s and Doctor’s theses on Theology and participates in preliminary defences of theses, making an academic conclusion as to the extent of competence shown by them in their dissertations. It also participates in giving the entrants an examination on theology.

Prof. V. Katasonov is supervising two Doctor’s dissertations. In 2012, he helped to prepare two more Doctor’s theses, one of which, Theology of Archpriest Alexander Schmemann in the Context of the 20th Century European Culture by Archpriest Oleg Agapov, has already got preliminary approval by the Chair of Theology.

Organization of special courses

The Chair offers the following special courses:

  • Prof. V. Katasonov, PhD, “Pressing issues of the philosophy of religion”
  • Ass. Prof. I. Veviurko, PhCand, “Philosophy of religion in the analytical tradition”
  • Ass. Prof. K. Ukolov, PhCand, “Problems of the philosophy of religion in the German Modern-Time Protestantism”