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Projects of the Chairs

The Chair of Philosophy of the Ss Cyril and Methodius School of Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies trains post-graduates students, academic degree seekers and students in philosophical courses of various types. The primary task of the Chair is to train post-graduate students and academic degree seekers for passing the Candidate’s examination in History and Philosophy of Science. The Chair uses as educational standard the Minimum Program for the Candidate’s Examination in History and Philosophy of Science adopted by the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science. The training under this program is carried out both in full-time and postal tuition. The Chair also offers a number of special courses in History of Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology, Science-Religion Dialogue, Philosophical Problems of Theology, Russian Religious Philosophy, etc.

In its understanding of the place philosophy occupies in culture, the Chair proceeds from the notions held by the remarkable Russian thinker A. Khomyakov, who wrote that philosophy represents, on one hand, a conclusion from the entire scientific knowledge and, on the other, the propedeutics of theology. Such understanding was embodied in the works of many classics of Russian philosophy who usually combined an interest in scientific theories and in fundamental theological issues. The Chair seeks to support and develop this tradition.

In the process of their studies, students normally write abstracts, make reports and co-reports, which help them to master philosophical notions, concepts and approaches. Philosophical education helps one to look into the core of a theological problem, to develop one’s skill of conscious and responsible usage of terms and to become aware of the historical conditionality of theological texts.

At the present stage, the Chair’s priority task is to create a library to include, among other books, methodological and educational aids for the courses read at the Chair. The Chair’s lecturers are actively involved in research work and participation in Russian and international conferences and project.

The Chair is headed by Vladimir N. Katasonov, PhD.