The Chair of History of the ROC School of Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies trains MA candidates, post-graduate students, doctoral candidates and seekers of an academic degree for passing candidates examinations, invites lecturers for reading special courses on Church History and provides academic guidance in writing Candidate’s and Doctor’s theses.

In its academic work, the Chair is guided by the Federal Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education in History developed by the Academic Methodological Association for Classical University Education. The Chair offers to post-graduate students and doctoral candidates a wide range of special courses on the history of the Russian Orthodox Church beginning from old times to this day, making a special emphasis on the 20th century church history, the history of the early Church, the medieval and modern history of Local Orthodox Churches, the history of Russia, the history of theological and secular education in Russia and the world, the history of Orthodox countries and nations, sources studies and historiography.

The Chair’s staff members are actively involved in research work, participating in numerous Russian and international projects on history. It has organized regular academic conferences attended by invited leading specialists, as well as post-graduate students and doctoral candidates. The Chair maintains broad international relations with universities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Hungary, Finland, the USA and Slavic countries which make it possible to organize the training periods for post-graduate students and doctoral candidates who can thus continue their work on their theses.

Among the Chair’s priorities is creation of the conditions and curricula which, on one hand, help students to enter the system of international university education under the Bologna process and, on the other, promote the integration of teaching standards in historical disciplines exercised by the Russian Orthodox Church’s higher education institutions. In addition, the Chair has set itself as its task to bring the level of theses defended at it to that of the qualification works defended in state universities and academic institutes.

The Chair’ staff members have an experience of participation in dissertation councils of both state universities and joint councils of church higher education schools which train specialists in history. To ensure the adequate level of the theses, the Chair conducts individual and group seminars for post-graduate students, in which lecturers seek to train them for basic methods of research in church history and to develop their ability for historical analysis and synthesis.

The Chair of History is headed by Prof. Dr. Andrey Yu. Andreyev, Moscow State University’s Faculty of History.

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