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On May 10, 2013, with the blessing of the rector of the ROC School of Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, a lecture was read at the School by Stig Frøyshov, professor of church history and liturgics at the University of Oslo. His theme was ‘History and the Present State of Protestantism in Norway’.

The lecturer highlighted the major historical landmarks in the development of Lutheranism in Oslo and analysed their characteristic features. He also spoke about tendencies observed in the official Lutheran Church in Norway today.

Prof. Frøyshov pointed to an increase in the number of active parishioners, dependence of the Church of Norway on the public opinion, especially, on the stand taken by the state. He also mentioned disputes between the liberal and conservatives parties, particularly on gender issues. According to the professor, all these processes may lead the Lutheran Church in Norway in the future to a serious crisis.

During the lecture, a lively dialogue took place between Prof. Frøyshov and post-graduate students.