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Charles Taylor is a professor at McGill University. He is best known for his studies in political philosophy, the philosophy of social science and intellectual history. He is a winner of the Kyoto Prize and the Templeton Prize. His most discussed work A Secular Age (2007) has set the key counterpoints in the recent sociological debate on religion.

His visit on June 17-20, 2013, to Kiev has launched the first stage of the Religion, Science and Society project. He came to Kiev together with Prof. Jose Casanova, the first stage academic adviser. He is one of the leading experts in the sociology of religion at Georgetown University, USA.

On June 17, Prof Casanova read a lecture on the Sociological Significance of Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age at the Dragomanov National Pedagogical University. On June 18, he read a paper on Secular Regimes and Religious Dynamics in Post-Soviet Societies: A Comparative Analysis of the Situation in Eastern Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia at the St. Moghila Academy in Kiev. The remarks by Prof. Casanova introduced the lecture and study part of the project launched by the visit of Prof. Taylor.

On June 19, Prof. Taylor read a public lecture on Various Understanding of Secularization in the West at the St. Moghila Academy.

On June 20, a study seminar was held at the Academy under the guidance of Profs Taylor and Casanova. It was attended by nine young scholars from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. The seminar launched the study project which will last for a year under the academic guidance of Prof. Jose Casanova. The participants in the seminar presented their own study projects, heard criticism and suggestions from the world-renowned professors and other colleagues.

The group will gather together for discussions and consultations with invited experts at each stage of the project. The findings of the studies will be presented at the final conference.

В Киеве лекцией проф. Хосе Казановы начался проект Общецерковной аспирантуры и докторантуры «Религия, наука и общество»

Чарльз Тейлор и Хосе Казанова провели семинар для исследовательской группы проекта «Религия, наука и общество»