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David Martin is a classic of the sociology of religion. He is member of the British Academy for the Promotion of Historical, Philosophical and Philological Studies; Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Emeritus Professor at Lancaster University. He is author of over 20 books on the sociology of religion, secularization and the place of religion in the modern world. His wife Bernis Martin is one of the best experts in religious processes in Latin America today. She is a professor emeritus at the University of London and the author of numerous works on Pentecostalism and “multiple modernities” in the Latin American context.

The visit of David and Bernis Martin to Moscow on September 11-14, 2013, is a continuation of the first stage of the Religion, Science and Society project. Prof. Martin is to read a public lecture on Secularization, Secularism and the Post-Secular Through the Prism of Power Relations at the Higher School of Economics (September 11) and to hold a seminar for the project research group at the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations (September 12).

Prof. Bernis Martin, within the project, will read a public lecture on Religion, Secularity and Cultural Memory in Brazil at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Service (September 13) and hold a study seminar at the Russian State Humanitarian University (September 14).

Below is the program of events to be held during Profs David and Bernis Martin to Moscow.

Program of events

Prof. David Martin
«Secularization, Secularism and Post-Secular: Power Dimension»
11 September 2013

Prof. Bernis Martin
«Religion, Secularity and Cultural Memory in Brazil»
13 September 2013


Классик социологи религии, профессор Дэвид Мартин открыл вторую сессию проекта Общецерковной аспирантуры и докторантуры «Религия, наука и общество»

Профессор Дэвид Мартин провел семинар для исследовательской группы проекта «Религия, наука и общество»