The Russian Orthodox Church’s system of post-graduate professional theological education includes a Candidate’s program for training academic-educational and theological personnel in chief subjects in accordance with the nomenclature of specialities listed by the ROC Dissertation Board.

The requirements made to a Candidate’s thesis correspond to the parameters adopted for the academic evaluation system in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova and to international academic certification standards.

A Candidate of Theology’s thesis should represent an academic qualifying work that offers a complete solution to a specific problem of essential importance for the modern development of theology, bibleistics, church practices, church history, church art, church administration, canon law and other branches of scholarship related to theology and inter-disciplinary knowledge.

Seekers of the Candidate of Theology’s degree are enrolled in the ROC Institute for Post-Graduate Studies in accordance with the Entrance Rules. After the enrolment each post-graduate is assigned to one of the Institute’s Chairs. The training at the Institute cannot exceed three years (four years in case of extramural studies).

In the process of drafting the thesis, a seeker of the degree is offered an opportunity to attend exclusive lectures by leading Russian and visiting scholars on topical areas of modern research, invited for cooperation by the Institute. Academic advice is given by leading ecclesial, secular and visiting scholars. Seekers of the degree also have an opportunity for linguistic and academic practice in Russian and foreign universities, partners of the Institute of Post-Graduate Studies.


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