Procedure for obtaining registration and visas for foreign students including CIS citizens

For foreign students


Internal regulations
for migration registration and visa requirements for foreign students
of the Ss Cyril and Methodius Institute of Post-Graduate Studies (CMI)


The internal regulations for migration registration and visa requirements for the CMI foreign students are devised in accordance with the Federal Law of July 23, 2013, No. 23-FZ as amended on December 28, 2013, “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation” and particular by-laws with the aim to create additional favourable conditions for foreign citizens and stateless persons to study in the Russian Federation and by the Decree of the Russian Federal Migration Service of October 10, 2013, No. 430, “On the Adoption of the Administration Procedure for the Federal Migration Service to Provide Public Services for Registering, Issuing, Prolonging and Recovering the Visas Issued to Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons”.

These Regulations are obligatory for all the CMI students who register and obtain visas through the CMI International Department. 


I. Migration registration

1. The International Department staff prepares documents for the migration registration of a foreign student upon his or her arrival in Moscow on the next working day after the arrival as recorded by the FSB Border Services of Russia. 

It is necessary for a foreign student to carry the following papers:

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus should carry a passport and a travelling paper if they come from Belarus by bus, train or plane. 

2. In case of an illness or other valid excuse when a person cannot come to the International Department on the first day after his or her arrival, it is necessary to immediately come into contact with the International Department staff by phone and to fix a possible day for migration registration. 

3. The migration registration or registration prolongation will not be obtained during summer vocations except for the following special cases:

1. The contacts with the Russian Federal Migration Service territorial bodies shall be made through the authorized staff members of the International Department without the personal presence of a student, except for cases when the FMS representatives require it. 

2. A student is obliged to inform the International Department staff in good time about the dates of his or her departure from Moscow to another region of the Russian Federation (or another country) and about the planned date of his or her return. 

3. The registered notice (registration) should be received in the International Department within 7 working days since the papers were submitted. 

4. The CIS citizens who rent an accommodation (or stay with their relatives or friends) can be registered at the actual place of their sojourn. In this case, the registration procedure shall be carried out by the lessor (owner) of the living accommodation. A copy of the notification coupon registered at the place of sojourn should be submitted to the International Department. 


II. Registration/prolongation of the student multiple visa

1. To obtain a student multiple visa, the student should come to the International Department at least 20 days before his or her valid visa expiration and submit the following papers:

2. A multiple visa shall be obtained on the following grounds:

3. The visa will be obtained within no more than 20 days since the official representatives submit the papers to the Federal Migration Service bodies. 

4. A student should not leave the territory of the Russian Federation until his or her visa is issued. 


III. Procedure for obtaining an invitation for entry to the Russian Federation 

To obtain an invitation for entry examinations and/or further training a foreign citizens (entrant) should submit by e-mail the scans of the following documents:

1. Education certificates.

2. The filled-in questionnaire-application indicating the planned date of arrival and the exact name of the city with Russian Federation diplomatic representations or consulates expected to issue a single entry visa. 

3. The national passport valid at least for 2 years since the planned entry.


IV. Special cases of documents preparation

1. In case of a loss of the papers: the passport, identity card, migration card, registration notice coupon, visa, the student is obliged to notify the International Department of the loss immediately in order to receive further instructions.

2. In case of an early termination of the training in the CMI, the student’s multiple visa will be annulled, with a transit visa to be obtained in its place. 


V. Sanctions

In accordance with the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences Article 18.8 concerning foreign citizens, violations of these Regulations, such as inconsistence of the entry or the actual activity during the sojourn or the occupation with the stated aim of the entry, may entail administrative responsibility of a foreign citizen in the form a penalty from 5,000 to 7,000 roubles, in certain cases accompanied with expulsion from the territory of the Russian Federation. 

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