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A course of lectures on Religion and Science includes the following materials:

•    Physics and biology. From symmetry to the evolution laws;
•    Evolution of the conceptions of atomic nucleus;
•    Quantum physics: from fundamental tasks of precision measurement to the development of technologies of quantum computations and quantum  information;
•    Condensed state physics – from the structure of objects to their properties;
•    Basic principles of the quantum theory of fields;
•    Modern methods of astronomical research;
•    The solar system and exoplanets;
•    The Evolution of the World from an astrophysicist’s perspective;
•    Elementary particles physics and the Big Hadron Collider: what we already know and what not yet?
•    Dark matter and elementary particles;
•    Plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion;
•    Neutrino and fundamental problems of elementary particles physics;
•    Philosophy of science;
•    Biosphere from the ecologist’s perspective;
•    Nanomedicine: promises and results;
•    Descriptive and evolutionary botany: achievements, problems and prospects;
•    Oceanology;
•    Geological structure and history of the Earth;
•    The place of biology in the set of biological sciences: academic and practical approaches;
•    Introduction to the teaching of relief (geomorphology) with elements of comparative planetology;
•    Man and nature in the North: major landmarks in the millennium-long history of relations;
•    Theology and science: ways of dialogue.