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Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk in ACADEMIA TV-project on KULTURA TV channel

ACADEMIA - is a TV project in which leading scholars and scientists of today and their young colleagues address a broad audience with the aim to draw its attention to Russian science and broaden the circle of people interested in knowledge. Each issue of the program features a lecture on one of the fundamental sciences.

Among those who rose to the Russian national rostrum in the ACADEMIA series were Nobel Prize winner, physicist Zhores Alferov, Director of the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of Russian History Andrey Sakharov, Prof. Sergey Kapitsa, outstanding linguist and philosopher Vyacheslav Ivanov, patriarch of the Russian archaeology Valentin Yanin, biochemist Academician Vladimir Skulachev, bioengineer Academician Konstantin Skryabin, founder of the leading school of protein engineering Mikhail Kirpichnikov and many others.
In 2012, Dennis L. Meadows, USA, a world-renowned scientist in global modelling, rational nature management and conservation and author of over 500 scientific articles and 10 books translated into 35 languages, delivered his first lecture in ACADEMIA.

The Union of Journalists in Russia recognized the project as the best educational TV program in 2011.

The lectures have been broadcast since 2010.

Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk in ACADEMIA TV project on Kultura TV channel